Ab Roller Wheel Workout Equipment for Both Men Women

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  • [Ultra-Wide-Abs Wheel] - The ABS, sport, wheel, 5.5 inches wide, provides balance and stability, and can withstand the high intensity of the can be used in almost all overweight men and women.
  • [Easy to use ] - Easy to install firmly with two hands and shake it in the opposite direction, and, most importantly, to extend it in the direction as the arrow on the product, otherwise, it is at one end of the interface has been disconnected.
  • [ Quality ] - The AB wheel is made of non-slip SILICONE, it is strong, durable, and has an easy-grip handle to prevent slipping, even during the most intense training sessions. aim for ease of operation & safety, and comfort. it is to ensure safety, security, comfort, and peace of mind. never damage carpet or wood floor.
  • [Basic ], Each iteration of this exercise works the muscles that target your abs, flex, hips, shoulders, and back. not only will this help in the improvement of the lower back, but also increase the risk of muscle injuries.
  • [Exercise, at any Time,] it is not necessary to spend time and money to go to the gym, and with the help of a lot of abs is 10 minutes a day right in the comfort and privacy of your own home or your office that will help you to lose those pounds, and strengthen your body muscles.

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